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We've all encountered them, and they ALL need to DIE. Draw a picture of your most hated Mary Sue character (or just hated character in general) getting killed in nasty ways. Let the sadism begin :evillaugh:
Crazy by Rage-o-rama
This ironic thought occurred to me as I was watching TV while being hospitalized.
Aids by Rage-o-rama
Hey, I know I haven't submitted any comics in a VERY long time, but I hope you get a kick out of this one, if anybody is watching :P
Imagine if Edna Mode was designing a new outfit for Batman. You all know her number one basic rule right?

:iconednamodeplz::iconsaysplz:NO CAPES!

Or it doesn't have to be JUST Batman. Imagine Edna mode designing a new outfit for any iconic hero without a cape, of course :iconteheplz:
Here's just a quick little warning about my comics. For those of you who hold very politically correct views on the world on topics such as homosexuality, racism, or are just plain sensitive to potentially offensive jokes, you will not like my comics. Most of my humor is inspired by "South Park" and the comics found on "Cyanide and Happiness", which uses very strong irony and treads on taboos all the time, which I will do as well. For this reason, all of my art will have a warning label on it for "Ideologically sensitive". Therefore I cannot be held responsible if you're offended by my art since it will have these warnings and it is your choice as to whether or not you proceed to see it. Other than that, please enjoy my sense of humor and I hope to recieve helpful feedback :)


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Ally Manno
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United States
I'm very much n00b when it comes to "art", but I love writing comics for the heck of it. Bill Waterson, the creator of "Calvin and Hobbes", once said himself that good ideas with poor art is much better than great art with poor ideas. If you love potentially offensive irony, this is your haven.

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The US
The United States
The United States of America (most people DON'T use this one because it's too long)
America (most people use this name since it's concise and somewhat formal, even though it technically is NOT correct to say because America regards both the Northern and Southern American continents).
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